Feba Solutions

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Martinsburg, WV

Tri-State Area


General Information

Feba Solutions is a professional IT company, offering multiple services in Martinbsurg, WV and the Tri-State area.

Complete computer care including, but not limited to, computer repair, diagnostics, virus removal, data transfer, upgrades.

Networking infrustructure including, but not limited to, install, setup, security, optimization, upgrades.

Everyday Devices including, but not limited to, repair, setup, support.

Software Development, from scratch, custom and unique software to fully tailor your needs.

Web Development, complete websites developed from scratch, ensuring the best user experience.

Computer Repair

Providing top-notch services we strive to get you serviced as soon as possible, no matter the issue.

On demand hardware replacments and repairs to get you back up and running.

Being able to remove any Virus such as, Malware / Ransomware, Spyware, Worms, or Malicious Software.

Worst case scenario being an Operating System Reload, with data transfer.

Providing free Tune-Ups during any service, such as Software Removal, Registry clean up, and Hardware clean up.

While keeping you clean and up to date.


Administering comprehensive Network Services that will stand up to your personal or business needs.

Keeping you online by implementing a new network or optimizing an existing network, no matter the size.

Security being our central focus for all individuals, insitutes only the best firewall and secuirty appliances.

Optimizing and maintaining a fast, well connected Wireless Area Network with proper hardware and settings.

Setting up and installing any Network Device, from printers to hubs.

Implementing systems such as Voice Over Ip (VOIP), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Guest Networks and more.

Device Repair

Rely on us to swiftly repair your everyday devices such as, iOS(iPhone) and Android phones.

Replacing cracked or pressure damaged Phone, Tablet, and Monitor / TV screens with genuine parts only.

Replacing Batteries in any electronic device, with certifed batteries only.

Fixing, aligning, cleaning Printheads and any other Printer or Fax machine issue.

Repairing gaming consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. As well as their controllers and periphials.

Capable of even the harder tasks that require soldering, reflowing, and reballing.

Software Development

Harnessing digital technologies for big businesses and startups across a variety of indurstries.

Development of custom software solutions to address the unique complex needs or objectives of your business.

Using a variety of languages such as C#, Python, and Java, keeps us flexible and fast.

Offering solutions such as Mac or Windows Applications, Software As A Service(SaaS), and iOS or Android Applications and Games.

Keeping Cross-Platform functionality in mind to ensure all Operating Systems are compatible.

Expert Consulting for both new and ongoing Software Development projects.

Web Development

At Feba Solutions you will be among Web professionals, being able to satisify everything you need.

Designing clean, user friendly Websites and Web Applications. Developed completely from scratch to ensure functionality and meeting all criteria.

Utitlizing a Full-Stack .Net environment to provide secure and fast Applications and Websites.

Still thinking about every device, so that your Website is available and responsive to everyone no matter what they are using.

While bringing genuine, organic traffic to your destination with our SEO tactics.

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